We Buy All Types of Comic Books

We Buy Comic Books from All Periods, Collections Large and Small

Welcome to InfinityComics, one of the biggest comic book retailer on the web. We make it so much easier for you to turn your comic books into cash, and we pay more money than you will receive from anybody else.

We handle Golden Age, Silver Age, and Bronze Age comic books (those distributed up through 1979). We never stop looking to purchase any books from this period, and we pay exceptionally aggressive dollars. We purchase Modern-period funnies, realistic books, and even books from 1980 to current. We also maintain an extensive online list of comic books we would love to buy, and clearly state how much copies we want and the great price we are willing to pay.

You can make us aware of books available to be purchased instantly on our website! In return, you can earn a great commission, when we complete the purchase of the books. We purchase all types, including accumulations. Just in case you need to offer your accumulation, we will purchase your whole gathering, many times without carefully screening just the best issues.

And, there is even more good news!

We pay some or even the majority of your shipping and handling cost.

You can put your full faith and trust in us.

You don't need to be a wonderful grader to get a reasonable offer for your comics. we won't expect that you will have graded every comic book.

You can also shop around and check out other offers before you send your comic books to us.

We will bear the upfront cost of the shipping and handling (UPS ground).

We take care of you very well. Ask around and you will be impressed with our reputation.

We are very dependable and reliable.

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